cropped-IMG_0505.jpgToward living harmoniously with ourselves, one another, and All Our Relations, sustainably with this beautiful, wondrous planet, awakening to the Divinity of the Soul – the Only Someone.

The Kalyan Center, a Sufi Universalist center was founded in 2016 by Sura Charlier in response to the current need for spiritual training and community which is inclusive, creative, awakening, collaborative, mutually empowering, fully embodied, and service-oriented.

Individual practice and participation in community are essential parts of spiritual growth.  The Kalyan Center offers the opportunity to expand realization and actuation of the authentic Self through classes, music, movement, meditation, contemplative dialogue, individual and group retreats, the Healing Circle, worship services, social events, and community service projects;  all in an atmosphere of warm friendship on the spiritual path.  Participants who are interested, may also work on an individualized program under the guidance of a trained spiritual teacher who is insightful and deeply caring.

img_8727Sura serves as a spiritual teacher, guide, retreat guide, healing conductor, and  minister of the Universal Worship Service.  She facilitates classes and seminars that promote greater illumination, realization, physical/psychological/emotional healing, actuation of human potential, and healing of our relationship with the earth and with one another.

‘Kalyan’ means Blessing, Beautiful, Compassionate Understanding, Auspicious, Well-Being, Bliss